9 Types Of People Narcissists Will Surely Go After

9 Types Of People Narcissists Will Surely Go After


Narcissists are all around us. They can be found at work, in our families, and in our social circles. It’s hard to avoid them. But here’s something you may not know: narcissists don’t target just anyone. They have specific types of people they go after. If you know what those types are, you can be better prepared to deal with them and protect yourself.

If you want to steer clear of narcissists, here are nine types of people they often target:

Number 1: People who are accommodating.

Narcissists find accommodating people attractive. These are individuals who let the narcissist have their way, even if it means breaking rules or disregarding others’ feelings. Narcissists crave power and control, so they don’t like being dominated. If you’re accommodating, you won’t threaten their ego or desire for control. Narcissists are charming and charismatic, making it easy for them to attract people who are willing to meet their every need. These individuals are more likely to give in when the narcissist asks for something because they want to please them. The narcissist may ask for money, favors, or even sexual favors. Accommodating people tend to say yes because they feel they owe it to the narcissist for some reason.

Number 2: People who have low self-esteem.

Narcissists are really good at finding your insecurities and using them against you. When you have low self-esteem, you’re more likely to believe everything a narcissist says about you. If they convince you that you’re worthless or not good enough, they can control how you act and keep you under their thumb. Narcissists want to control not only your actions but also your thoughts. If they can make you feel bad about yourself, it’s much easier for them to get what they want from you. People with low self-esteem are easily taken advantage of because they want attention, recognition, and validation. They’re more vulnerable to the narcissist’s lies and tricks.

Number 3: People who are easily impressed with flattery.

If you’re easily impressed by someone who constantly praises and admires you, be cautious because narcissists often target people like you. They use compliments to manipulate and control their victims. Flattery is their favorite tool. They’ll go to great lengths to grab your attention and use any tactics to make you believe they genuinely care about you. If you easily fall for flattery, be careful when someone keeps showering you with compliments and acting like they deeply admire you. There’s a good chance they have hidden motives behind all those nice words. You might unknowingly walk right into their trap.

Number 4: People who are overly responsible and selfless.

Narcissists target people who are kind and always willing to help. They specifically look for those who are quick to volunteer or never say no when asked for assistance. They want friends and partners who will do things for them without questioning. So, if you spend a lot of time doing favors for others, you might become a target for them. Narcissists think they can take advantage of you if you’re constantly taking care of everyone else.

Another reason is that people who are overly responsible often believe they don’t deserve to be happy, and narcissists will use that against them. If you suspect someone is trying to exploit your kindness, think about whether their requests feel like they’re coming from someone genuinely in need of help or if they’re just trying to take over and avoid doing the work themselves. If narcissists ask for help with something they should be able to handle on their own, they might be trying to get what they want without putting in any effort.

Number 5: People who overlook the bad.

Narcissists always want attention and approval. To get it, they often seek out people who are willing to ignore or overlook their flaws. They love being around those who turn a blind eye to their bad behavior because it lets them do whatever they want without consequences. Narcissists understand that if they can convince you that their imperfections are normal, you’re more likely to ignore them. In your interactions with narcissists, they won’t hesitate to be mean or cruel if it helps them get what they want. If you don’t stand up for yourself, they’ll take advantage of you. It’s important to set boundaries with them. If someone asks you to do something that makes you uncomfortable, don’t do it. Don’t let them pressure you into doing things for them. Instead, explain why you can’t do it and suggest other options that might work better for them.

Number 6: People who forgive so easily.

Narcissists target individuals who are forgiving. They seek out people they can exploit to boost their own self-esteem. If you’re someone who easily forgives, they’ll try to win your favor. Narcissists don’t want to change their behavior because they don’t believe they’ve done anything wrong. They go after people who forgive easily because it lets them do whatever they want without facing consequences. They know that you won’t hold their actions against them or cause any trouble by bringing up past mistakes and making them feel guilty.

Number 7: People who are easily influenced.

Narcissists like to target people who are easily influenced because it makes them feel superior. They choose individuals who are unlikely to question or challenge their ideas, allowing the narcissists to maintain power. They seek followers who will obey them, so they avoid those with strong personalities who aren’t afraid to express disagreement. Narcissists want control over everything and everyone around them. They look for people they can shape and manipulate according to their desires. They want someone who is receptive to their ideas and opinions but lacks their own. They prefer individuals who can be easily swayed by their words and actions because such people won’t stand up or defend themselves when the narcissist becomes abusive.

Number 8: People who are sensitive and vulnerable.

Narcissists are attracted to vulnerable and sensitive individuals because it gives them power over someone else. They understand that if they can influence these people, they can use them for attention, admiration, and validation. These individuals are often more trusting and less guarded, which makes them easier to manipulate. They are also more likely to believe that the narcissist has changed or feels remorse for their past behavior. Narcissists actively seek out these individuals because they know they will be easy targets who won’t stand up for themselves. They want people who will believe their lies and tolerate their mistreatment. Narcissists may try to blame their victims, making them feel responsible for the abuse and suggesting that things would be different if they were stronger and more independent.

Number 9: Submissive people.

Narcissists want to be the leader of the pack. They like to be in charge and they like to have their way. Narcissists want to be the most critical person in the room and are not afraid to observe dominance over others. Narcissists like to go after people who are submissive because it makes them feel powerful and in control. The more someone can do things for them, the better it makes them think of themselves. Narcissists will go after people who are submissive also because they know they will have an easier time controlling their emotions and getting what they want from them. Submissive people are easy targets for narcissists because they are likely less assertive and confident in their communication style.

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