5 Sadistic Things Narcissists Find Funny

5 Sadistic Things Narcissists Find Funny


Welcome to our journey exploring the dark humor of a narcissist. We’re about to uncover the true nature of this type of person who usually hides behind a show of charm and attraction. Underneath this cover, there’s a whole lot of self-focus and a great need to feel better than others. Being self-centered is not just about being selfish; it’s a real problem marked by not caring for others, needing attention, and thinking too highly of oneself.

Today we are going to discuss five sadistic things which narcissists find funny.

#1: Public shaming.

Picture this: you’re at a party with your friends, co-workers, or family—people you like and trust. Then someone takes center stage, but they aren’t giving a toast. Instead, they’re pointing out your mistakes and making you feel small. Narcissists love doing this. They love being the center of attention and putting you down in public. They don’t do this just to be mean; they do it to show they’re in charge and better than you. It’s all about power for them. They want to change the way others see you, but most importantly, they want to control you. They want to make you feel unimportant and full of mistakes. It makes them feel big if they can make you feel small. So why do they do this?

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Well, there are two reasons. Firstly, they want to show they have power over you. Secondly, they want to show they’re better than you. They want others to see them as stronger and smarter. But here’s something important to remember: this isn’t really about you. It’s about them. It’s about their own issues, their need for people to think they’re important, and their wish to feel powerful. It doesn’t say anything about you; it says a lot about them. It shows they can’t respect or value others. So the next time a narcissist tries to shame you in public, remember this: you are not the problem, they are.

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#2: Narcissists enjoy talking about others and spreading fake news.

For them, this isn’t just casual talk over a cup of coffee; it’s like a high-level game where they’re always the winner and always in charge. They love the feeling of power when they share an interesting secret about someone else, especially if it’s not completely true. In the strange mind of a narcissist, gossip is fun. It helps them kill time, and it’s a way to distract people from their own mistakes and worries. It’s a tool for them, a way to keep everyone’s attention on others so they can appear perfect. But here’s the catch: the narcissist doesn’t only talk about you when you’re not there. They’re far too smart for that. They’ll be super nice to your face while spreading lies about you when you’re not around. They’re great at lying, able to act friendly while causing problems behind the scenes.

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And why do they do this? It’s quite simple. By spreading rumors and half-truths, they make up a story where they’re either the victim or the hero, never the bad guy. This story makes them feel superior and reinforces their belief that they’re better than everyone else. It also boosts their need to control things, letting them twist the way others see them. It’s a sneaky game they play, one that can hurt the people they gossip about. Because you see, a narcissist’s gossip is not harmless. It’s a weapon, a tool they use to stay at the top of the social ladder.

#3: Manipulation and gaslighting.

Imagine a confusing maze with no clear way out. That’s where a narcissist wants you. They want you to feel lost and to depend on them to find your way. They get satisfaction from making you question your own thoughts and what’s real. This is what they enjoy: your confusion and self-doubt. They enjoy messing with your words and memories until you start doubting your own experiences. They want you to wonder whether something really happened, whether you said something, or whether you’re the one at fault. They want you to think you’re the problem. Narcissists are really good at tricking others. They create stories where they are the good guys and you are the bad guy. They are experts at acting the victim and blaming you for what they do. They act like they are the ones who are hurt and you are the reason for their unhappiness. Why do they enjoy this?

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It’s because they like the control they have when they can make someone else see themselves differently. Their goal is to control how you see yourself. It’s a power game, and sadly, you’re just a piece in their game. They enjoy seeing you blame yourself for what they do. It’s a sick kind of fun for them, a weird happiness they get from your pain and confusion. But the thing is, they don’t want you to realize this. They want you to feel stuck in their maze, lost and confused. They want you to believe their story, their version of what’s real. They want you to think you’re the problem. But don’t forget: in a narcissist’s world, you’re always the bad guy. It’s their story, their play, and you’re just a character in their game. So next time you’re doubting yourself, remember this: you’re not the bad guy. You’re just stuck in a narcissist’s confusing maze.

#4 Cruel teasing and mocking.

Picture this: the narcissist is ready on the stage, set to start their show. They think it’s funny, but it leaves the people around feeling hurt and small. Narcissists are really good at finding out what makes you feel bad about yourself. They say they will be nice and understanding, but they forget all about this when they make fun of you. For them, it’s like a fun game, like a fairground where the main show is your pain. They love to poke and prod where it hurts most. They make fun, they laugh at you, they enjoy seeing you uncomfortable, trying to laugh off their mean words. “It’s just a joke,” they’ll say when you tell them you’re hurt. “You’re too sensitive. Can’t you take a joke?” They say this to make you feel bad for being upset. And so the cycle goes on.

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The narcissist has their fun, and you’re left feeling bad about yourself. But let’s be clear: this isn’t a joke. This isn’t harmless fun. It’s a mean game to make you feel small. They do this to show their power, to show they are in control, and they get pleasure from this. That’s just scary. It shows they don’t care about your feelings or your well-being. It’s very different from the love and respect that should be in any relationship. So the next time you’re the target of a narcissist’s joke, remember this: it’s not you, it’s them. It’s their own problems, their need to control, their lack of understanding. You deserve better. You deserve respect. You deserve to be treated well. A narcissist’s joke is often another’s pain.

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#5: Narcissists like it when other people are getting hurt.

This might be surprising, but it’s really true. Narcissists are happy when they see others in pain or discomfort. This just shows how they can’t feel for others and how much they want to feel better than everyone else and in charge. Just think about it: someone who says they love you but enjoys seeing you in pain. It’s hard to understand, but keep in mind: for a narcissist, it’s about being the boss and having the power. They don’t think the way we do. They are happy when they know they can hurt you, that they have the power to make you feel bad. This mean behavior goes hand in hand with their wish to feel better than everyone else. It makes them believe that they are the boss, that they have the power. To a narcissist, your pain is their win.

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