3 Things That Hurt a Narcissist The Most

3 Things That Hurt a Narcissist The Most


Greetings and thank you for joining us again for another article. It is this topic that I want to talk about today: Can a narcissist be moved to tears by anything? This is because even narcissists have feelings too. They play the part of the victim, the offended party, etc., yet they are so sensitive that they end up taking some blows anyhow.

Narcissists’ egos are exceptionally delicate, leaving them open to a wide range of attacks. Some things only scare a narcissist, while others can do serious damage to a narcissist’s ego. The effect is maximized if the person who delivers the knockout blow is someone the narcissist adores the most. It doesn’t matter if the narcissist is harmed in public or in private; what hurts them the most are challenges to their pride and their need for control. To put it another way, narcissists produce their own misery through dishonesty, fakery, and insecurity.

If it weren’t for the points I’m about to make, it wouldn’t be a problem. Narcissists will demand revenge the moment they hear your voice because they consider themselves invulnerable to harm. They are the only ones who should have to go through any pain and trouble.

As another observation, I’ve seen nowadays that narcissism is increasingly being seen as a mental illness. Compassion and understanding are what they actually need from us. It’s clear that the narcissist is now operating with double standards: the thought that they’re always in harm’s way and the fact that they’re always counting on our pity could give them a second opportunity. However, that’s not my focus today. Instead, I’ll go over the three things that are surefire ways to hurt a narcissist’s feelings.

#1: Being Thrown Out.

The first is being thrown out. Narcissists have a very low tolerance for criticism. They dislike being by themselves because they need constant affirmation from their social circles. A narcissist needs other people for his or her own survival. Once entangled with narcissists, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to cut ties with them. Though with the rise of social media and instant messaging, narcissists have built a virtual world that provides them with a never-ending supply of admirers. So, even though it’s tough for most of us to go without seeing each other, they manage to maintain a relationship without physical contact.

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#2: Exposure.

Narcissists, on the other hand, don’t need anything more than the endless online praise they obtain to feel fulfilled. This is sufficient to sustain their deluded fantasies and warped preoccupations. Exposure is the narcissist’s second greatest fear. I won’t go into too much detail because some of my thoughts on the matter are presented in my previous article, but it’s no secret that narcissists value their fabricated image and have spread several lies in order to maintain it. The narcissist’s whole purpose in life is to make other people think they are more interesting and accomplished than they actually are. As they watch their entire world disintegrate, it must ache beyond description.

#3: Being Insulted.

The third and final thing that will impact narcissists is being insulted. Narcissists are aware of the power their words have over others. Indeed, they use words to cause harm to others through means of deceit and manipulation. However, a narcissist takes criticism personally and cannot handle it. Being brutally honest to narcissists is a crime. This occurs frequently, but anything that challenges their fabricated identity will be taken as a personal slight. You will learn that narcissists are already extremely insecure and paranoid, making them vulnerable to insults. Inevitably, they’re flawed, regrettably not very excellent. Now that they’re confronted with the truth, things don’t seem good. They have difficulty grasping even the most fundamental truths.

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Anyhow, these are the three things that are most likely to have a negative impact on a narcissist. It’s clear that narcissists have several vulnerabilities. In contrast, they are secretive manipulators and weakling cowards. I suppose that’s everything for the day, so I’ll call it a day. Have a fantastic rest of the week, everyone. We value your attention to what we have to say.

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